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Daisy Cloner 8 Site

Daisy Cloner 8 Site
Daisy Cloner 8 Site Daisy Cloner 8 Site
Product Code: Daisy Cloner 8
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Introducing the Botanicare Daisy Plant Cloner 8 Site Hydroponic Cloners which are the smallest version of the hydroponics plant cloning machines in today’s market, with half the cost and works just as good, if not better than cloners of normal size!


The average sized cloner's are about THREE TIMES as big as the Daisy Cloner!

  • Other cloner's get up to 10 times as big, sometimes even larger and they STILL CANT do what the Daisy Cloner does!
  • A popular customer favorite for a useful and practical gift!
  • You will not be disappointed in this product, we guarantee it!
  • You will see your money return as the produce speeds off your plants and it outlasts other ordinary clone machines!



  1. Very easy to use, no experience or knowledge in cultivation or plant growth needed! ANYONE and we mean ANYONE can use the Daisy Cloner!
  2. This product comes with all of the necessary items to start cloning!
  3. Included are root guards, net pots, and a pump to insure efficient cloning.
  4. This unit comes with 8 two-inch plant sites, giving the grower a small-scale cloning unit that can produce clones in an optimal growing environment.
  5. One of the most durable and long lasting cloner's available! 
  6. It is the LEAST EXPENSIVE you will find for the quality of plants and produce you will receive, without a doubt.
  7. Purchase includes free shipping for customers living in the lower 48 states, United States.

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