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Aerogrow Gourmet Herbs

Aerogrow Gourmet Herbs
Aerogrow Gourmet Herbs Aerogrow Gourmet Herbs
Brand: AeroGrow International, Inc.
Product Code: Aerogrow Gourmet Herbs
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Today, the amazing Aerogrow AeroGarden Gourmet Herbs Hydroponic Grow System is one of the fastest and most in demand hydroponics systems on the market.

With the AeroGarden Gourmet Herbs you can grow fresh delicious herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, salad greens and more, with no mess!

  • The AeroGarden actually TELLS you when to add nutrients and water and it turns the lights off automatically in order to maximize growth! No other product is this user friendly!



  1. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! This kit is designed for beginners, no green thumb needed.
  2. All you have to do is drop in one of the pre-seeded grow pods (included), then add water and the included pure, organic-based nutrients, and your good to go!
  3. Plants that are grown in the soil take more than twice as long to grow.
  4. The AeroGarden produces up to 50% more food than traditional growth methods!
  5. FREE Gourmet Herbs seed kit included, which grows up to 5 months of fresh herbs, right in your own kitchen!
  6. Available in color's black, white, or silver. Color options are located directly above the add to cart button.
  7. Purchase comes with free shipping in the continental United States!

Additional Product Information

Model: AeroGarden Gourmet Herbs

Manufacturer: AeroGrow International, Inc.

Colors Available: Black, White, and Silver

Unit Dimensions: 15.5" High x 18" Wide x 10.5" Deep (Inches)

Warranty: 1 year general manufacturer's warranty and 6 month lightbulb replacement warranty.

Shipping Cost: Purchase includes free shipping for customers living in the lower 48 states, United States.

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