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AeroGarden Pro 100 w/ Gourmet Herbs

AeroGarden Pro 100 w/ Gourmet Herbs
AeroGarden Pro 100 w/ Gourmet Herbs AeroGarden Pro 100 w/ Gourmet Herbs AeroGarden Pro 100 w/ Gourmet Herbs AeroGarden Pro 100 w/ Gourmet Herbs
Brand: AeroGrow International, Inc.
Product Code: AeroGrow Deluxe Unit
Availability: In Stock
Price: $240.99 $210.99
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The new AeroGarden Pro 100 with Gourmet Herbs is a guaranteed amazing product, anyone would be happy to own a Gourmet Herb Pro 100 AeroGarden!

Introducing the AeroGarden Pro 100 Gourmet Herbs hydroponics system, now get more food, faster. Adaptive Growth is the technology that the new and improved Aerogarden Pro 100 provides, period.

  • Aerogarden Pro 100 controls the light and nutrients for optimized growth in each specific plant type. 
  • From germination, to initial growth to advanced growth, we are delivering just what the plant needs, just at the right time.
  • One of the easiest and most productive hydroponic grow systems in the world and on the market!



  1. The new AeroGrow's stainless steel AeroGarden Pro 100 has computerized Adaptive Growth technology to continuously monitor plant growth and instantly adjust the nutrients, light cycle and water flow to give plants exactly what's needed at each stage of growth.
  2. The final result is earlier harvests and up to 50% MORE food.
  4. This hydroponic grow system is PERFECT for those just starting to grow their own plants. It's design is aimed primarily to simplify the growing process, IT DOES ALMOST EVERYTHING BY ITSELF!
  5. The Pro 100 includes a Grow Light Replacement System, to automatically remind consumers when it is time to replace the lights for continued optimal plant health and growth.
  6. The Pro 100 Super Grow 24 hour light cycle lets the experienced gardener override the built-in timer, which is maximized at 17 hours of light, to provide more light. 
  7. This expands the possibilities for gardeners who may want to plant their own seeds in conjunction with our Master Gardner Kit.
  8. Since grow lights lose power over time before they actually burn out, it is important to replace your bulbs every 6 months.
  9. Purchase includes free shipping within the continental United States.


Additional Product Information: 

Model: AeroGrow Deluxe Unit

Dimensions: 20.25" Height x 13.00" Width x 15.00" Depth (Inches)

Weight: 15.00 LB (Pounds)

Warranty: 1 year general manufacturer's warranty and 6 month lightbulb replacement plan.

Shipping Cost: Purchase includes free shipping for customers living in the lower 48  United States.



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