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Become a Guest Author and Submit Quality Gardening Articles, Tutorials, Tips, and other Topics you would like to write about!


Requirements for Acceptance:

  1. Must be at least 400 words long.
  2. Can not include more than 1 promotional link.
  3. You may link to up to 5 relevant authoritative and extremely trustworthy resources, that apply directly to the topic being written on.
  4. The person submitting must be the person who wrote the content and/or the person who truly owns it.
  5. Profanity, illicit content & media, spamming, and other acts of misuse, will result in permanent bans and reports sent to other website’s, whom are building blacklists and using them to secure the web.
  6. By submitting, you are not entitled to any type of financial compensation.
  7. Content that is accepted and published is owned by GreenhouseDeals.net, and not the author submitting, although the writer will be recognized and given credit.
  8. All submissions are an act of agreement to all terms and conditions listed here, and a statement of acknowledgement that you are fully capable of understanding the rules and regulations.


Author’s with very high skill level can be presented with financial offers, to professionally write and publish content on the web, on many topics related to gardening.

  • If your serious, and want to try it out, contact us today to get more information!


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