Top 20 Greenhouse Construction Plans

The term “greenhouse” is rather broad, and it can refer to a large number of different types of greenhouses with many different uses.

Greenline 6x8 Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Some of these greenhouses plans and types of materials that green house kits are built from include;


1 – Cold Houses

The term cold house refers to a greenhouse construction plan that focuses on protection for plants due to low temperatures, but only by a small amount since there’s no heat source. This plan is used primarily to allow gardeners to start spring crops a few weeks earlier. These can often be cheaper to make.

Medium Natures Premium 7x5 Hobby Greenhouses

Cold Green House Greenhouses Construction Plans


2 – Cool Houses

This greenhouse construction plan is warmer than a cold house. With this plan, you can get a lot more plants in wider ranges, but you need to actually have more of a way of heating the house. The temperature here is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and this type of house is used to house frost sensitive plants.

Long & Big Angeled Cold Frame Greenhouses


Cool Greenhouse Plans Greenhouses Picture


3 – Warm Houses

The range here is more near 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t warm enough for tropical plants, but you can house ferns and orchids in this greenhouse even over the winter.

Warm Clear Wood Hoop House Walk In Greenhouse

Warm Greenhouses Greenhouse Construction Plans

4 – Hot Houses

FlowerHouse Greenhouses Hot House Greenhouse Kits

Hot houses are for tropical plants. This could include plants like gardenia, caladium, and dieffenbachia. The temperature for this plan is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or higher. These are often quite expensive to build and keep, since you need a heat source as well as insulation.
HotHouse FlowerHouse Greenhouses Kits

Hot House Greenhouses Building Plans Logo

5 – Conservatories

The difference in a conservatory design is that they are focused more on display than just maintenance and growth. The designs often also have floors with finishes, furniture space, and even tabletops.


FlowerHouse Greenhouses DomeHouse Greenhouse

Conservatory Greenhouse Construction Plans

6 – Attached Lean-to Greenhouse

This lean to greenhouse type attaches to the side of a house, so it’s usually more for a hobbyist. Generally it will lean towards a house, fitting just under the roof. The house itself forms the fourth wall. It’s important the lean-to face towards the best light.

Attached Lean-to Greenhouse Construction Plans

7 – Even Span

This greenhouse type is also attached to the side of a house. It’s different from a lean-to in that it’s a full structure that’s just attached to a building at one end. The air circulation in this type is usually better than in the lean-to design. This type also often has benches for crops to grow on. The shape is more ideal for keeping temperatures in the right uniform range as well. An even-span greenhouse can be made larger, and it has a lot of space, even though it is more costly to build. It’s known for making the best use of limited space.

Even Span Greenhouses Construction Plans

8 – Window Mounted

These greenhouses are usually on the south or east side of a house. They can be attached to the house, and they are made completely of glass or clear plastic to let in light. It only works for a small number of plants, but the structure can take a few shelves, and it’s usually quite cheap to build.

Window Mounted Greenhouse Construction Plans

9 – Free Standing

These greenhouses are made outside of the house, and they are different than attached types. They allow you to build the greenhouse wherever you want rather than being limited to wherever your house is.


Free Standing Greenhouses Construction Plans

10 – Gothic

Gothic greenhouse types are focused on having the largest growth area possible, as well as effective distribution of natural light. They have arched roofs and can withstand winds up to 150 Km/h. There is some variation of roof type, including not having a roof window, or having a single or double window. These are usually more commercially oriented, with computer-operated systems that are automated. They are particularly useful for a fluctuating climate, areas with snow, rainy areas, or areas with very high wind.

Gothic Greenhouses Greenhouse Construction Plans


11 – Max

These greenhouses are made for polycarbonate sheet covering. They have a high degree of insulation, making them particularly useful in very cold climates. These are also commercial, and generally need to have automated systems to run.

Max Greenhouses Greenhouse Construction Plans

12 – Sawtooth

The sawtooth design merges ventilation optimization with the ability to take on very heavy loads. This design has a series of arches that looks like a saw tooth from above, which is how it gets its name. The advantage of this style is that it’s quite easy to put together and keep going. The optimization of heat and humidity release makes this type more suitable for climates that are very warm.

Sawtooth Greenhouses Greenhouse Construction Plans

13 – Tropical


Tropical greenhouses such as this one have a fixed roof vent that is specially designed to get rid of humidity. The arches are shaped in such a way to transmit light effectively to the plans within. They type is also designed to allow strong rain to move around it without causing damage. You can also add insect nets if this are a problem in the area.

Topical Greenhouses Greenhouse Construction Plans

14 – Koren

When weather conditions are shifting constantly, Koren is the way to go. Areas with rainy seasons, or deserts hat go back and forth between very cold and very hot are examples of such areas. The roll-up curtain on top allows for adjustments to be made. Any kind of crop can be grown here, such as vegetables, herbs, or even flowers. The greenhouse is also setup in such a way as to allow for natural ventilation through hot air vents at the top.


Koren Greenhouses Greenhouse Construction Plans


15 – Tunnels

This type is very simple and just looks like a long tunnel. The vents are on the side. The green house is designed for easy setup, erection, and easy maintenance. It’s one of the more standard solutions available. You can adapt these simple greenhouses to many different ground conditions.

Long Plastic Small Tunnel Greenhouse Kits in Rows

Tunnel Greenhouses Construction Plans

16 – Nethouses

Nethouses are low cost structures that simply use nets over plants to keep out pests, wind, or dust. This is an open field strategy that only works effectively if the crops you’re growing are in the right climate already. It saves money and uses natural approaches to reduce heat, prevent frost and promote growth.

Net Houses Greenhouses Construction Plans

17 – Quonset

These greenhouses use curved and arched rafters for walls. They are the most common type used in commercial businesses.


Quonset Greenhouse Building and Construction Plans

18 – Gable

Gable greenhouses often use glass or fiberglass for coverings. This is desirable when more durability is needed, or you need greater insulation.


Gable Greenhouse Building Plans Kits Picture



19 – Film Plastic Greenhouse

A film plastic greenhouse can be customized to more exacting standards. You can do this by picking the exact quality and material type. You have to replace the material more frequently then with other covers, but the costs are extremely low because the frame is often very cheap, unlike with other greenhouse constriction plans.

Plastic Film Greenhouses Kits Building Plans


20 – Double Wall Plastic

Double-layer plastic in acrylic or polycarbonate is used on some greenhouse construction designs to help save heat and last an extra long time.

Double Wall Plastic Greenhouse Construction Plans



In the end, the type of greenhouse you’ll want to build will depend a lot on your needs.

Commercial and hobby greenhouses are extremely different, for example.

Hobbyist greenhouses are often the kind that attach to your house, so they can often depend a lot on the shape of your house, and whether it can accommodate such a structure. IN some cases it may be wiser to connect a greenhouse to your house during construction of the house, especially in the case of particularly strong and inflexible greenhouse plans.

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