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Guest Author Post Rules & Guidelines:


Here is the detailed list of all rules and regulations of acceptable posting behavior and practice, if you’ve taken the time to read and comprehend each rule, there should be no issues in getting quick post approval. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we’re more than happy to help!

Garden Guest Blogging Contest Posts Submission Guidelines


By submitting to Go Garden Guides, you are hereby in agreement and understanding with all of the following terms and conditions of use.


1. Service may be denied to whomever deemed necessary by board members and the SPAM team.



No-spam allowed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2. Articles are free for re-publishing, provided that they maintain all of the resources mentioned and linked to, within the post.

  • In addition, an original resource URL must be visible and go directly to the authentic post page.



3. Guides must be owned by the author submitting and/or have direct permission to publish the content, we will not tolerate thieves of intellectual property of any type.

  • Contact us immediately if you’re aware of or think that a violation of intellectual property, has been taken place.

Report Potential Illegal Intellectual Property Violations


4. All media must be in accordance with the Creative Commons License.

Pictures, logos, illustrations, and video used has to either be completely owned by the person submitting or be in accordance with the Creative Commons Licensing Act, containing the rightful resources accreditation, usually in the form of a link or written text within the post.


  • One may find media with legal rights for free by visiting the partner list, by clicking here.
Official Creative Commons logo. 32px|alt=W3C|l...

Image: Official Creative Commons logo W3C Category: Valid SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


6. Content must meet the required content rating, which acceptance requires a rating of Everyone.

Internet Content Rating Association Organization Logo

7. Where author’s can link to and where they cannot.

  • Do not link to known spam pages and bad neighbors.
  • We allow one (1) self serving authors signature link to a commercial domain, of the author’s choosing.
  • Additional links to related resources are allowed, with a maximum limit of three (3).
  • There may be additional outbound link to a related media source or creative commons crediting.
  • No more than (8) total links may be used per post, these will be monitored and reviewed by a team of experts, and run through a strict linking policy and procedure.

Creative Commons Resource Accreditation Linking Image


8. Content must be over 550 words in length.

  • Generally, we encourage author’s to write longer tutorials, but only when it will increase the overall quality of the post.
  • Pieces that are written with useless sentences and paragraphs, that do not make sense and are only there to meet the minimum word length, will consequently not be approved.

Online Home and Garden Guest Bloggers

9. Content must be completely unique and not cached in any of the major search engines.

  • All posts will be checked for duplicate content, to be published here the post must be completely new and never before published anywhere else, online or off-line.


If you want to check to see if your post is completely unique, all you must do is copy a sentence or two, then visit the search engine of your choosing.

  • Usually, we use,, and, but we recommend using Google over other search engines.
  • When you have loaded the page, you’re going to post the piece of content in which you have copied into the search box, but you’re going to add quotation marks before and after the phrase.
  • By adding the quotation marks, you have changed the search query from a broad phrase match to an exact phrase match, which makes this verification method extremely effective.

Google Yahoo & Bing Search Engines Logo

11. Article spinning is not allowed here whatsoever.

  • All pending posts are ran through both a duplicate content checker and a similar content checking system, in which will find and reveal all spun posts.

No Article Spinning Software Edited Content Allowed


12. The actual act of submission is a direct action and statement of admission, of the author being completely informed of all rules and regulations.

  • As well, means that the person submitting completely understands and has chosen to accept & abide, by all of the set submission guidelines, rules, terms, and conditions.

Copyright Infringement Outlawed Here Picture


13. Administrators and moderator’s have complete authority, when it comes to choosing which content is permitted to be syndicated through, and can turn down any content for any reason.

  • If you’re post has not been approved and you do not understand why, or if you’re post has recently been taken down, contact an administrator today and we’ll be happy to explain.

Submission Acceptance Rules Understood and Explained Notification



Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Contact us now!

  • If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else to say or ask about our submission guidelines, our staff would be more than happy to assist in all areas, whether it’s simply answering questions or just helping the author in creating a higher quality post and in accordance with all rules.


Notice: There will be no exceptions to these rules and are in accordance by the terms and conditions set by the Greenhouse Deals Company.


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