Stop Eating Garbage: Start Growing Lettuce and Herbs Hydroponically

If you want to grow the best hydroponic crops, you’ll find that lettuce and herbs are the ideal option for you.

Not only are they very easy to grow, but they’ll be a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

  • You can serve up freshly grown lettuce for the meals, and adding the fresh herbs will help you to spice up your food nicely.
  • You’ll find that they’re fairly easy to grow, and you can produce them with very little effort if you have your own hydroponic garden.

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Why Lettuce and Herbs?

Lettuce is a low-temperature crop that requires very little light, meaning that it’s one of the best plants to grow in your hydroponic garden. You won’t have to keep the heat cranked up full blast, and you won’t have to run all of the grow lights. You’ll be able to turn down the heat, leave the lights on for just a few hours at a time, and your crop will still flourish and grow well.

English: Lettuce. What a gastronomical delight...

Lettuce is ideal for immediate consumption, as it’s fairly perishable.

If you want to get lettuce on the cheap, growing it in your home can be the way to go.

  1. You’ll find that Bibb lettuce will be your best choice for a hydroponic garden, as Iceberg and other lettuces won’t grow as well.
  2. You’ll find that micro-greens like herbs and baby lettuce plants are also fairly easy to grow under just about any condition, and you can get your own herb garden growing easily and quickly!

English: Rix Dobbs shows the roots of a lettuc...

How to Grow Lettuce and Herbs Hydroponically:

To start, you’ll want to propagate the seedlings in rockwool starter plugs.

Make sure that the solution in which the rockwool is soaked has a pH balance of roughly 5.5, as that will condition it and make it ideal for the lettuce plants. Drain the excess solution once it is done soaking, and place a single lettuce seed into each of the plugs. Make sure that just one sprout grows per plug, as that will ensure that the lettuce grows big and strong.

English: Kelvin Temperature Chart


The good news about lettuce and herbs is that you won’t have to apply heat to the underside of the plugs.

They are cool plants, and they will germinate nicely without any extra heat. You can place them inside a humidity dome if you want, and have them placed near cool fluorescent lights. Within a few days, they will be germinated nicely. You will find that they are ready to transplant once the shoots start poking through the bottom of the plugs.

English: Lettuce. What a gastronomical delight...

Transplanting them to your hydroponic garden will be fairly simple, and they will continue to grow fairly quickly.

You need to ensure that there is no stagnation when the roots are growing down, as the stagnant water will actually cause root rot and kill off the plants. The roots will grow fairly large, so make sure that they don’t stop the water from flowing and aerating the plants. You’ll want to keep the flow rate of your hydroponic garden at about 15 gallons per hour.

English: Tomato and Lettuce growing aeroponicly


Consider the size of the Bibb lettuce that you are going to grow, and space the plants accordingly.

If you use about 7 inches of space around each plant, you should have more than enough room for all of the lettuces to grow without encroaching on the space of the other plants. The lettuce leaves should not overlap, as that will promote the growth of fungi – not to mention steal the oxygen and water from other plants. Make sure that they are spread out properly, as that will ensure that they grow well.

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Lettuce has a much lower salt tolerance than most of the other plants that you will grow hydroponically, which means that you have to be very careful with the solution that you apply to nourish the plants.

The perfect ratio for lettuce will be 3 parts nitrogen, 1 part phosphorus, and 5 parts potassium. It’s best to use nitrate for the 3 parts of nitrogen, as it has enough ammonium ions to promote the healthy growth of the plant without making it grow too quickly.

Chemical compounds which occur in lettuce: (1)...

For the lighting, it’s best to use blue grow lights for your lettuce and herbs.

The light should be a foot or two above the garden, and slowly increase the light used as the plants grow. The plants need at least 12 hours of light per day, and keeping the humidity at around 40 to 50 percent will help to prevent plant burn.

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