How to Vent a Greenhouse

Learn About Ventilating Your Hobby Greenhouse


If you want your crops to grow successfully in a greenhouse, it is essential that you learn how to properly vent the greenhouses structure. According to experts, ventilation is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the structure. If the structure lacks the proper ventilation, it typically results in a wide assortment of complications with the plant life within the growth facility. Ensuring that your greenhouse is properly vented will allow you to create a productive growth environment for the plant life that you elect to cultivate within the structure. Ventilation involves controlling the temperature within the greenhouse and ensuring that the air is properly circulating throughout the structure. In this greenhouse guide to technology advancement, you will learn how to vent your crop cultivation facility.

 Ventilation Roof System

The Purpose of Greenhouse Ventilation


Ventilation within a greenhouse serves numerous purposes. The following highlights these purposes:

  1. Ventilation assists in the regulation of the temperature within the structure.
  2. Venting systems help to ensure that a steady flow of fresh air enters into the greenhouse. Plants require fresh, clean air so that they may successfully photosynthesize.
  3. Ventilation assists in encouraging pollination among the plants that are contained within the greenhouse.
  4. Having the proper venting systems in place in your greenhouse will also reduce infestations from troublesome pests.

    Greenhouse Ventilation Opener


Choosing the Basic Equipment

If you own a greenhouse, it is quite likely that you have found that the glass of the structure results in trapping heat that is emitted from the sun. Once the air is trapped inside the structure, the air will heat up rather quickly and start to rise. The basic equipment that you will purchase to vent your structure will release this hot air and will assist in circulating cooler air into the structure. Vents that are placed in the structure are often attached through a hinge piece. These accessories will need to be placed on the roof and the walls of the facility. Vents are the most basic of all ventilation systems. These are the least expensive and serve their purpose.


If you want to have more control over the environment within your greenhouse, you may want to consider utilizing automatic ventilation units throughout the structure. These accessories are often highly sophisticated and are designed to quickly react to changes that occur within the growth facility. Examples of these changes include fluctuating humidity and varying degrees of sunlight. In addition to this, these systems may contain a compound that is sensitive to heat that will permit ventilation to occur as necessary, through the means of levers.


If you want a minimal amount of control over the environment in your greenhouse, you may want to utilize fans throughout the structure. In most instances, fans are used as an additional method of controlling the atmosphere of a cultivation structure. However, there are instances where these are used as a standalone ventilation system. These products assist in reducing the amount of humidity in the structure because of the fact that they dry the air. They are extremely slow when they run, but they are fully functional and serve their purpose.

Ventilation Window



Ventilation Accessory Placement


Once you have chosen which types of equipment that you will use to vent your greenhouse, you must determine the optimum location for the accessories.

  • You will first need to take measurements throughout the structure to determine the temperature within the various sections.
  • You should also note where the sun positions itself in correlation to the structure, as well as the shaded areas that are present in the growth facility.
  • You may even want to document the positioning of the crops and the equipment located within the crop cultivation facility.
  • Furthermore, it is important to understand that prevailing winds assist in cooling the entire structure.
  • As a result of this fact, you may want to document the typical direction that winds emerge from on a regular basis.
  • Once you have determined where your greatest venting needs are, you may start the process of marking off the location for the placement of your greenhouse ventilation equipment.Greenhouse Ventilation




Once you have acquired your equipment and have marked the areas where you will place the accessories, you should start the installation process.

The following highlights the steps that should be taken:

  1. First, you should carefully unpack all of the items that are included with your ventilation system.
  2. You will want to compare all of the pieces included to the outline included in the packaging that states what materials are included in the package. It is essential to ensure that you have all of the parts that you need to successfully install your system.
  3. Next, you should review the safety guidelines that are included with your system. You may be instructed to wear eye and hand protection, to use a certain type of lift or ladder, or to determine the codes in your region.
  4. Once you know that you have all of the materials in your package and understand the safety guidelines, you should review the “Required Tools” insert to make certain that you have all that you need to install your unit.
  5. You should then enlist the assistance of a partner to help you with the installation process.
  6. Once you are prepared, you should carefully follow the installation instructions provided with your ventilation system.


By following the steps highlighted throughout this guide, you will be able to successfully choose, place and install your ventilation system in your greenhouse.

While it does take time and patience in determining the proper unit for your needs, you will reap the rewards as you harvest your mature, full crops each season.

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