How to Grow Tulips in a Greenhouse

Tulips are an ideal flower of the Spring, but because of modern outdoor structures and greenhouses you don’t have to wait until winter breaks, to start growing these beautiful flowers.



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Instead, you may want to use a greenhouse, to help you to produce some of the most beautiful tulip flowers you can find.

Take a few moments to consider the following information to help you to grow the perfect tulip.

Learn About Growing Tulip Bulbs in Greenhouses

Learn About Growing Tulip Bulbs in Greenhouses

Now, if you’re new to growing tulips, you may want to catch up on you’re learning, because they come in many types and forms, such as the Tulipa in Northern Florida, Class 5 Late Blooming Tulips, and the list of tulips blooming in April in the National Parks.



To begin this process, you will want to inspect some of the tulip bulbs you have access to.

  1. You will want to pick out some healthy looking options at least six weeks, before you plan on placing them in the ground.
  2. Once you bring them home, set them in your fridge, and allow them to go through the experience, they would have if they were planted in the ground.
  3. This is an essential step, skipping in may result in your tulips from growing, since the greenhouse is a controlled environment.
  4. When you are ready to plant them, this will speed up the process, and allow you to produce your flowers faster.


In your garden, take a planter pot and place a 10 inch hole in the dirt.

  • This should contain high quality potting soil and be topped with peat moss.
  • You can then bury the tulip bulb in the container and add some water to it, ensuring that there is no risk of over watering.


How to Grow Tulips in a Greenhouse Garden

Red Tulips Flowers (Credit: Edie Kasten/CBS)

Red Tulips Flowers (Credit: Edie Kasten/CBS)

From here, you will want to keep your dirt moist at all times.

  1. It may help to have a series of holes in the base of the planter to avoid the concerns you may have with watering enough.
  2. Another good idea will be to use some high quality plant foods, to ensure that you produce the best possible blooms for your tulips.
  3. A good idea will be to use these fertilizers at half the strength since they are going to be used in the greenhouse, as opposed to the outdoors.
  4. Keep in mind that aphids can still show up in your greenhouse and you will need to do what you can to avoid further problems with them.
  5. It will be a good idea for you to sit down and monitor your plants and add all natural pesticides as needed to prevent any further damage from occurring to your plants.


Yonina Tulip Flowers is a Division 6 Cultivar

Yonina Tulip Flowers is a Division 6 Cultivar (Credit: Wikipedia)

Learning How Tulips Gardens Grow Inside a Greenhouse

Finally, you may want to harvest your tulips when they are starting to show color, but aren’t fully opened yet.

This can help you to enjoy them for longer in doors and to ensure that you continue to be pleased with the flowers that are being produced.

With a little effort on your part, you will be able to successfully produce a series of tulips that people will find absolutely amazing, even when they aren’t in season.


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Just make sure that you are taking the time to monitor all the choices you have for these bulbs and follow these directions carefully.

  • That will ensure you have healthy blooms that will continue to produce without any problems, thanks to the secure environment that the greenhouse provides.
  • If you’re interested in learning more about growing Tulips in a green house, there are tons of online courses and campuses such as the Iowa State University Tulip Classes and the 2013 Tulip Festival.

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