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7 Steps to Choosing the Right Plants for Container Gardening

Container gardening provides gardeners with flexibility and an easy way to garden, even in small areas. If you’ve already decided where to place your garden and you’ve chosen your pots, the next step to preparing your container garden is to choose your plants. In this tutorial, you will leave as an advanced container gardeners and  Full Article…


Stop Eating Garbage: Start Growing Lettuce and Herbs Hydroponically

If you want to grow the best hydroponic crops, you’ll find that lettuce and herbs are the ideal option for you. Not only are they very easy to grow, but they’ll be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. You can serve up freshly grown lettuce for the meals, and adding the fresh herbs will help  Full Article…


The Principles of AeroPonic Plant Cloning

The Principles of AeroPonic Plant Cloning -Aeroponic gardening makes cloning plants easier, cleaner, and faster. In plant cloning, a gardener uses a parent plant to produce a new, genetically identical one. The new plant will have all the same characteristics of its parent, if all environmental factors are monitored. In aeroponics, plants develop fast, including  Full Article…


What Are The Best Colors Of Plastic To Use For An Outdoor Greenhouse

Looking for some of the best colors to use for an outdoor greenhouse?  Check this out! -Whether you’re planning to build your own greenhouse using a kit or a set of plans for the  frame or you’ve decided that it is time to renovate an existing greenhouse, you may be wondering what kind of covering  Full Article…


How to Heat a Greenhouse with Wood Chips

Learn All About Heating Greenhouses using Wood Chips As the seasons advance and winter approaches, you will notice that your greenhouse isn’t staying as warm as it did during the summer months. In order to keep your plants alive during winter, you will need to provide a heating source for them somehow. Using a wood  Full Article…

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